Friday, March 04, 2011

A Calculated Move for More Presents?

Lucia was pretty cute yesterday, doing things designed to make her Grandparents Orlando desperately miss her. She enjoys looking at the “Team Orlando” baseball cards Molly and Ian gave us for Christmas, and she can now pick out all nine of us. (Well, Franny and Zooey are kind of interchangeable for her, but she can do all the others—Mama, Dada, Uncle Ian, Aunt Molly, Papa, Grandma, and Baby/Lucia.) Yesterday, she carried Mom’s card around for a while, occasionally snuggling it. Later, I talked to Dad on the phone, and I held the phone to her ear while he said hi to her. Not long after this, Lucia hurried into the kitchen carrying Dad’s card, saying “Papa! Papa!” Once she had my attention, she pointed to the phone and walked over to it, still saying “Papa!” Lots of connections being made there. I, for one, was impressed.

Not to worry, Littells. One of my weekend projects is to have pictures printed of all of you, too.

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