Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Few Activities

Yesterday, we had our usual Monday playgroup, with three other babies. Lucia has grown to enjoy this group more and more, and now that she’s getting familiar with everyone, she’s been getting a little more engaged. It helped that it was at our house yesterday, her own turf; and she immediately began offering her toys to everyone. Later, she even sat down in one woman’s lap a few times, unprompted! I nearly got jealous. My clinging little one was nowhere to be found.

This morning, Lucia and I headed to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum with friends, a little boy and his mom, whom we see each Tuesday for a playdate. Lucia always has a great time with this particular little boy—though he’s several months older, he’s not a giant compared to her, and he’s extremely gentle and giggly. He’s the only baby we see regularly with whom Lucia actually has squealing, laughing-out-loud fun. It’s pretty cute to see them together. Last time, he even hugged and kissed Lucia several times.

We had fun at the museum—playing at the water table, tossing large blocks into bins, filling a shopping basket with fake food in the pretend grocery store. In the little store, near the time when we were getting ready to leave, Lucia selected a large, very realistic-looking loaf of bread from the bakery area and carried it over. But instead of putting it in the basket, she put it down and made the “again” sign, which has changed over the last couple of months and now means “again,” “I want that,” “more,” “read that one,” and “sing to me.” She wanted to eat the bread!

Later today, Lucia and I went to our Spanish music class. Though I really want to love this class, I’ve come to accept that it was not the best choice for Lucia. It is a bit loud and boisterous for her quiet tastes—even the music we dance to at one point in class, always from a different Spanish-speaking country, is sometimes too much for her, and she begins to squirm and fuss. It doesn’t help that there’s a very wild kid in our class who runs around the entire time, screaming whenever his mother tries to stop him from stealing other kids’ instruments or knocking over chairs. This kid puts me on edge, and I know he does for Lucia, too. Our Music Together class starts in two weeks, which I hope will be a better fit. It was great last time we did it; I just hope the children are a nice, well-behaved group.

Anyway, I recount these stories just to highlight that Lucia is definitely developing a firm idea of what sorts of situations she does and does not enjoy. Funnily enough, they are exactly the same situations I myself do and do not enjoy. Imagine that…

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