Sunday, March 04, 2012

Do I Say It That Much?

Lucia is just talking and talking and talking, throwing out new phrases and words all day, every day, and it is hilarious and marvelous to witness. Just in the past couple of days, she’s started saying, “You know what, Mama?” and then going on to say some piece of information. Or not following it up with anything at all. In the bathtub the other night she kept exclaiming, “Oh! I know what I can do!” and then seizing some toy from the side of the tub before saying it again and focusing on another one. And today she was sitting in Andrew’s lap, and very purposefully she patted Bibi and said, “So, Bibi…” as though preparing for a serious talk.

And the funniest one, in my opinion: Yesterday we were both snacking on Cheerios at the table. She would take a bite then sort of ooze down from her chair, saying “Bye, Mama…Thanks again!” in an exaggerated, sing-songy voice before running into the living room. Then she’d dart back, climb into her chair, eat another bite, ooze down, and say it again: “Bye, Mama! Thanks again!”

Clearly these are things Andrew and I say all the time without realizing it. What a funny little mirror a toddler is.

For grandparents only: Lucia can now recognize, name, and say the sound of every letter of the alphabet. We were reading a new Holly Hobbie book yesterday and she pointed to the author's name and said, "Two H's." Genius! She's not even two and a half!

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