Saturday, March 10, 2012


Greta had her four-month checkup last week, and it seems my scant few months of having a "robust" baby are over. She is still quite tall--25 inches, 75th percentile--but is now 13 pounds, 25th percentile, down from the 50th. The doctor said she's slimming down and was unconcerned. I wasn't surprised. Lucia was in the 25th percentile for most of her first year, until she plunged into string-bean territory, where she (cutely) remains. I have no doubt Greta, too, will be long and lean.

For now, however, her cheeks remain so chubby that sometimes when I look at her in profile I can barely see her little nose. She's just so roly-poly. I kind of want to pinch these words, since she's sleeping and I can't pinch her actual cheeks.

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