Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Things To Do

As usual, Lucia has found no shortage of things to do around the house lately.

She’s been playing with her cars.

When Andrew’s mom was here, Lucia loved going into the living room in the morning and playing on her “mountain”—the pile of couch cushions displaced when Kris turned the couch into her bed. One morning I had Greta “climb” the mountain and sit at the top with Lucia. Lucia loved it, and Greta even laughed out loud when I made her “climb” back down.

She’s been playing with Play-Doh. We discovered that off-brand “Dough Pâté” from the dollar store becomes transparent when spread thin, so I made “stained-glass amulets” for Lucia to stick to the windows. It was all-consuming for a very, very long time.

Greta, too, has found new amusements, such as holding and chewing toys and kicking around her little feet. And, of course, she's just busy being cute.

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