Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Big Day for All

Today was a big day in our household. First, it was a big day for Lucia: the first time we’ve left her with a babysitter for a long period of time. We had to go out to NJ today for our home inspection, definitely not something a toddler could sit peaceably through, so I found a sitter for her. I was extremely nervous about this event. I had the sitter come for two hours yesterday, so Lucia could get familiar with her. I typed out tons of instructions. Early in the week I ordered a DVD of Olivia episodes to make sure Lucia could watch her show as usual without the sitter having to figure out our ridiculously complicated on-demand cable thing. I showed the sitter where everything was both yesterday and today. I emphasized, many times, the importance of keeping track of Bibi and paw-paw, so much so that before I left today she looked around a bit nervously to make sure she knew where they were. We were leaving Lucia for six hours. (We took Greta with us.)

To my surprise, Lucia was fine. She didn’t cry when we left, and didn’t cry when we were gone. She didn’t sleep at naptime, but she did talk and play in her crib peacefully. She ate her lunch. When we got home she was happy to see us, but she seemed more or less unaffected. This was a huge relief. It was a very strange feeling to drive away this morning without her. I felt like I was leaving my child utterly alone in this enormous city, just little Lucia, playing with her sticks and Play-Doh balls while the city hovered over her. Andrew, of course, thought I was being ridiculous. And it was all fine in the end.

It was a big day for us, too, going through the home inspection. I can happily report that the house passed the inspection handily. It’s been standing for over a century, and will continue to stand. There are a couple of things we have to ask the seller to address, but they’re not alarming things by any means.

We were so happy for this chance to return to the house now that we know it’s ours. It’s even more wonderful than we remembered. There is just so much space, and so much potential. It will take years to do everything we want to do, but it’s wonderful even if we don’t get around to all those things. This house has soul. I can’t imagine living in any other house. We’re wondering now if we should try to move up our closing, just so we can move in faster. So what if there’s only one outlet in the kitchen? So what if there’s barely space to lay a toothbrush by the sink in the bathroom? So what if every bathroom fixture is a dark Band-Aid pink? It’s ours. It feels like us; it looks like us. Soon we’ll be drinking wine on the front porch, the kids asleep upstairs. (Upstairs!)

Today was also a big day for Molly and Ian, who welcomed Baby Luca into the world this morning. Lucia and Greta’s first cousin!

A day to celebrate on all fronts.

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