Sunday, April 08, 2012

I Want to Find More Eggs!

It was a fun Easter this year. The holidays keep getting more entertaining as Lucia becomes more aware of them, and I know they’ll only get more fun once Greta gets into them, too. This year’s Easter celebration started on Friday, when some friends and I organized an egg hunt for our two-year-olds at the park. Lucia had a great time. While a couple of the other kids preferred to just run around the park, Lucia set out with a singular focus: to collect eggs in her new bunny bucket. She loved finding them; she was less interested in opening them. And, of course, an interesting stick was the best thing of all.

Saturday, we went out to Coney Island with friends to play in the sand. Lucia was so excited to be at the beach, and she immediately pulled off her socks and shoes and ran to the water—only to find that it was painfully cold. Once we warmed up her toes and got her shoes back on, she had fun playing in the sand and collecting shells in her bucket.

Saturday night, I put together the girls’ Easter baskets (well, buckets), and then Andrew and I hid eggs for Lucia around the living room. I was quite pleased with the things I’d collected for Easter-egg and Easter-basket treasures this year: some adorable Squinkies; a set of mini teacups and saucers, with matching teapot; a selection of play-food desserts and cookies (still milking that shipment from eBay!); Hello Kitty in bunny costume (and a lamb costume for Greta); and a few treats from my parents, including new books, sunglasses, a rattle and rubber rabbit/duck for Greta, and tiny bottles of bubble stuff. And, of course, a tiny bit of candy: few small Reese’s peanut-butter eggs.

An aside: Andrew took exception to my Easter cheer, claiming that Easter gifts were ludicrous, unnecessary, and overly indulgent (my words, but you get the gist). I took exception to his exception. I always got small gifts for Easter—nothing big or expensive; just cute, small, special things. I still have a set of tiny, wonderful Easter beanbags in the shapes of bunnies, lambs, and chicks that must be at least twenty years old. Surely I’m not the only one who likes to give a few gifts at Easter? I can’t be: when I went out to buy the girls’ Easter-themed Hello Kittys, I had to go to two toy stores to find them, since they were all sold out at the first. And to be fully honest, though I knew Lucia would love her Hello Kitty (and that Greta will too, someday), the gift was for me, too; buying Hello Kittys (and other items) for two small girls is a part of mothering I love. Is that so wrong?

Lucia was thrilled with her basket, but the true highlight for her was the living-room egg hunt. “I want to find more eggs!” she kept saying. She seemed very sad when all the eggs had been found, until we suggested she could now play with what was in the eggs. We spent the rest of the morning having tea parties, watching Lucia fill her tiny teacups with chocolate eggs and Squinkies, listening to Greta's raptor screeches, and arranging play-food desserts on plates.

We went to the playground, where Lucia pushed Easter Hello Kitty on the swings and taught her how to go down the slide.

Both girls napped. We met Baby Luca via Skype. Andrew cooked a ham and potatoes au gratin; I made corn bread. I took Lucia out for an ice-cream cone while dinner cooked. We blew bubbles outside on the stoop.

We all ate dinner together, Greta in the Ergo with me at the table, doing her best to stay awake but occasionally nodding off into my chest.

It was truly a lovely Easter.

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Sara said...

i'm way behind on reading/commenting--but i completely agree with you about giving (and picking out!) small Easter treats. this year the girls got little stuffed chipettes, because s asked for a jeanette toy and she almost never expresses interest in specific stuffed animals. i had to have the local hallmark store order them because i could only find the boy chipmunks... but worth it! :)