Monday, April 02, 2012

Spare a Crumb, Ma’am?

Greta’s interest in food has intensified lately to a degree that is almost ridiculous. This morning, Lucia and I were sitting at the table, eating breakfast, and Greta was sitting near us in her activity saucer. She was watching us so intently that she was barely even blinking. Just staring…staring…staring at us as we lifted food to our mouths. Later today, I sat near her as I ate a yogurt, and she looked at me with such a doleful expression on her face that I actually felt guilty for eating it in front of her. And later, as I had yet another snack—this time a meal-snack of two large pieces of quiche—while sitting next to her on the couch, with her propped up on a pillow, she made a lunge for the quiche, so forcefully that she toppled over into my lap. If I hadn’t been right there, she would have fallen off the couch.

When I eat in front of Greta these days, I feel like I’m stuffing my face with cake and ice cream and fried chicken and fresh bread while a Dickensian beggar-child looks in through the window. The worst part is that when she does get to eat solid food for the first time, in just two short weeks, she’ll get a delicious, satisfying taste of…rice cereal. It seems unfair. Lucia will be eating a waffle, Andrew and I will be eating pulled-pork sandwiches, and Greta will be eating gruel. It’s hard to be a baby…

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