Friday, November 30, 2012

Adventures in Homeownership

Monday: new stove arrives.

Tuesday: new boiler. Glorious heat. Heating guy called our old boiler "medieval" and a "carbon-monoxide machine," for which parts aren't even made anymore since they don't meet any safety standards. Probably good we got a new one. But Lucia now cannot go to college.

Thursday: Andrew discovers pool of water under basement stairs. Plumber comes at 6pm; says we should turn off water for the night. No water, no heat. Also, some tubing thing from the (ancient) dryer, which Andrew had duct-taped, fell down again. We're ignoring it.

Friday: Plumber finds problem pipe behind wall in basement bathroom. Replaces pipe. No more leak, and we have heat and water. But now Greta cannot go to college.

This is why some people are happily lifetime renters. I finally get it.

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The Kovalls said...

Oh, I just feel so bad! I have found that with home ownership, when it rains it pours. I often miss the days of renting. Hang in there!