Thursday, November 08, 2012

Snow and Fun at School

We got a snowstorm last night, a good three or so inches of snow. Lucia was beyond excited yesterday when the first flakes started falling. She was excited about the snow—but she was also certain that this meant Santa was coming imminently. Ever since Halloween ended, and I explained that Thanksgiving and Christmas were coming up, she’s been exclaiming “Santa is coming!! I want Santa Claus!” at random moments. I’m not sure where she’s picked up this fascination/excitement over Santa. I’ve mentioned Santa to her a few times, but I haven’t made a big deal out of it (it’s only November 8!), so she either remembers last year’s Christmas (unlikely) or is just picking up on the pervasive cultural explosion of Christmas now that the Halloween stuff is gone from windows and stores.

Anyway, when she woke up to see the world covered in snow this morning, she squealed and shouted that she wanted to go outside to make snowballs. First, though, she had preschool. I took someone’s helping-mommy shift today because I knew our regular teacher wasn’t going to be there and that Lucia’s class was going to join another class—I worried that this would be upsetting for Lucia, who loves school but who also expects the day to unfold in a certain way. But I needn’t have worried. After a few confused questions about where her teacher was, Lucia traipsed off to play, mesmerized by new toy options and jumping up to volunteer to help the new teacher. At some point I’m going to have to retire my idea of Lucia as a shy, quiet kid. During a song about colors today, when the teacher pointed out some purple on Lucia’s dress, which featured a picture of a deer, Lucia shouted, “I saw a deer in our backyard!!” (which we did, last week). She jumped at the chance to ring the bell for clean-up time. She called after a little boy who wasn’t getting in line after gym time: “Come on, Jack!” She ran across the room to watch when the teacher popped popcorn at snacktime. She just loves being at preschool, and is a model student—she loves playing with the toys in the classroom, but she’s not one of the kids who won’t settle and focus when it’s time for organized activities. That’s the point of preschool for her, I think. She likes circle time, lining up, singing the songs. She just might be the perfect blend of Andrew and me—just outgoing enough to have fun and talk to people, just nerdy and introverted enough to get straight-A’s and be perfectly behaved.

And Greta? Tonight Greta toddled barefoot around the house wearing a pink velour track suit and a few strands of Mardi Gras beads, sometimes hurrying up to me with a book to read, other times rummaging determinedly through a bin of toys. I just imagine Greta running at top speed into preschool, ready for anything. Whether she displays any quiet, Margo-ish traits remains to be seen.

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