Saturday, November 03, 2012

Five Years: A Recounting

***Today, November 10, we got our internet back--it went out the day of the storm. I wrote some blog posts over the past two weeks and will post them now. Blogger allows me to retroactively date them.***

Today is my and Andrew’s five-year wedding anniversary. To mark the day, here is our marriage so far, in numbers:

5 years of marriage

1 real wedding

3 exchanges of vows (legal; symbolic; official Catholic)

2 kids

2 cars (now 1)

6 apartments in 6 cities (Citrus Heights, CA; Sacramento, CA; Roseville, CA; New York, NY [temporary housing]; Brooklyn, NY; Maplewood, NJ)

3 states (CA, NY, NJ)

2 interstate moves (CA to NY, NY to NJ)

countless weekend trips (pre-kids)

3 trips to the ER (Andrew: kidney stones, sliced finger; Lucia: tick)

1 major surgery (Margo: C-section)

1 historic election (2008)

2 hurricanes (Irene, Sandy)

Immeasurable happiness. Happy anniversary, dearest!

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