Thursday, February 21, 2013

Skipping Town!

It's been much, much too long since a post on my blog has had anything to do with skipping town. Of course moving to the suburbs was a town-skipping of sorts, but definitely not in the original spirit of this blog. Now that we're in the 'burbs, with two little chicks running around, I should really just go ahead and rename this blog "NOT Skipping Town."

The weariness you may hear in that observation has little to do with my overall happiness and most to do with the simple fact that I miss those travelin' days. It's been well over three years since I've left the country. Lucia and Greta's passports are stiff and new, bearing no sign that we've planned all along to take them around the world. Andrew's been to Germany and India and Mexico for work, so his passport looks much less neglected. Now that we're deep into winter, when we barely leave our house let alone the country, the idea of new places and new challenges seems more faraway than ever. It's no wonder that I've found a little winter malaise setting in.

But all this is about to change, because in two weeks, the girls and I are joining Andrew for a two-week stay in Mexico City. Andrew's been traveling there quite a bit for work this year, and he felt a longer stint would be helpful to him, so we decided to make this our first family-travel adventure. I'm still a little shocked that it's all worked out--but I'm getting incredibly excited, not least because it's 80 degrees there.

We'll be staying in a large apartment in one of the city's nicest neighborhoods, just a few short blocks to a large park and right down the street from what Andrew says is a huge playground. I'm glad we'll have some home-comforts for my first out-and-about-abroad experience with the girls--there's a Starbucks around the corner from the apartment, for example, as well as a couple of nice grocery stores. Being someplace new, navigating a new city--this is not new for me. Doing it all with two tiny appendages--this is whole new territory for skipping town.

I'll write with more details as we figure them out. This is big--a challenge with a three-year-old and a one-year-old, both of whom are very home-focused and routine-reliant. Perhaps this trip will put me off international travel for a few more years. But even if it does, I welcome this shakeup to the winter. Time to open the creaking chest of wonders that is my scant memory of Spanish ("Yo soy bufanda!") and get ready to go.

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