Monday, February 18, 2013

Snowy Weekend

We got snow two weekends ago. A lot of it. About fourteen inches, in a great white blanket over our yard and driveway, making our property look magical and highlighting all the lovely places where the girls will one day build snow hideouts and forts. Lucia was absolutely thrilled with the snow. We went outside, all four of us, a couple of times on Saturday and Sunday, and she had so much fun shoveling, building a "stump" of snow, climbing in snow piles, eating icicles, making snow angels. It was quite cold all weekend, but she didn't seem to notice and stayed outside with Andrew long after Greta and I retreated inside.

Greta, for her part, was not so thrilled. Bundled in her snowsuit, Andrew shoveled out "pens" for her to walk around in--the snow was far too deep for her to navigate--but she would simply stand there forlornly, uninterested in playing. She liked going into the playhouse and looking out the little windows, but this was pretty much it.

Next year, I predict great snowy fun for both sisters. Lucia was the same way when she was one--no interest whatsoever in playing outside if it was snowy and cold. Greta is a lot more physically active, but she still doesn't care for winter. So it was a good thing this snowstorm fell on a weekend, when Andrew was around and both girls could spend time the way they wanted. As for us--we hunkered down and built a fire each night and enjoyed winter in the suburbs.

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