Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

Lucia's current favorite things to play with are her Squinkies. Of course, they are therefore Greta's most coveted objects as well. She's gotten much better about not putting small things in her mouth, so I let her hold the Squinkies now--that is, when Lucia lets her. Scoring a Squinkie or two is Greta's mission whenever they come out. Last weekend, when my parents were here, Lucia was carrying the Squinkies around in a tupperware container and put it down momentarily on the piano bench while she went off to do something else. Greta was across the room, but when she spotted the unattended Squinkies, she toddled over as fast as her little legs could go, thrust both hands into the container, grabbed two fistfuls of Squinkies, then beelined for my mom's lap, where she threw herself into a protective crouch, her fists hidden under her body and her head tucked into her chest, guarding her prize. It was truly hilarious.

Both girls will be receiving some new Squinkies for Valentine's Day, because really, there aren't enough tiny things in this house to keep track of. Lucia has gotten very adept at getting out the flashlight and peering under the couch whenever she loses anything.

Greta loves to do stickers. I peel them off the sheet and hand them to her, and she sticks them onto the paper, usually in one small area.

A reptile handler came to Lucia's preschool today. Lucia pet a giant albino python without fear.

Downton Abbey Season 2 took over my life this week. But that theme music sends me straight back to St. Luke's-Roosevelt: I watched Season 1 during my month in the hospital. It's so much more pleasant to watch it not in a hospital, in front of a fire in our fireplace, eating brownies with ice cream.

I'm not sure what it says about my priorities, or emotional balance, but when all this talk of the huge upcoming blizzard started, my first thought wasn't milk or bread or a generator--I immediately declared I had to go to Target to buy a sled. It's a good thing breathing is automatic because truly the only thing my mind is full of in these child-rearing days is planning ways to amuse the girls.

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