Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter at Home

Had a lovely Easter at home this year, just the four of us. I hurried outside when the girls woke up to hide Easter eggs, and then they came downstairs to find their Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny brought them light-up wands, regular wands, crowns, plush chicks, Cinderella Squinkies, cookie coasters, princess notepads, sparkly shoes, butterfly nets, cupcake pillows, big outdoor balls, and large Jellycat cats. They were very excited, and they had fun finding the eggs. Greta had to be prompted, but once we helped her spot an egg, she hurried over to it and put it in her basket. Lucia searched for eggs with an eagle eye. We were all a little horrified when a squirrel ran off with a plastic egg right in front of us and carried it all the way up a tree; several other plastic eggs had been bitten through. Good thing I hadn’t hidden the eggs the night before!

We spent the morning playing outside, and later on Andrew and I made an Easter dinner: ham, scalloped potatoes, cornbread, and roasted Brussels sprouts, the exact same dinner we had last year. A tradition in the making, perhaps.

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