Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter to Lucia: 42 Months

Dear Sweets,

Three is fun. It's a testament to you that I'm saying that; after all, I hear so many things about three being a really difficult age. To be sure, we have our moments (this afternoon--yowza). But those moments are few and far between, and the rest of the time you are generally funny and fun. You really like to do things now--do art projects, go places. In response, I'm trying to step up the "structured" things we do each day, introducing new craft projects and outdoor activities. You've responded enthusiastically. So far we've made tissue-paper flowers, created salt-dough "cookies" decorated with elbow macaroni and star pastina, had a riotous bathtime with craft-foam egg cutouts, painted with water, made a cake out of dirt and decorated it with nature treasures. It's all fun for me, too.

You have gotten very interested in clothes. You like to choose your outfits, and dress yourself (shirts are a work in progress); during Quiet Time, you often change your clothes several times, usually cycling through at least one ornate princess dress. You love your sparkly gold shoes. When we were in Connellsville last weekend, I bought you a pink sundress at Gabe's, and you wore it for two days and slept with it at night.

You are still into princesses. You love wands of all types. You are most taken with the Cinderella story and love to act out the "Oh no! It's midnight!" scene, dramatically leaving one shoe behind you.

We finally bought you a scooter--a pink Mini Kick--and you zipped up and down the sidewalks in Connellsville last weekend in your little pink helmet, speeding right along.

Among your favorite things right now are the fact that you have a big-girl bed, going outside without a coat, and coloring randomly in a small lined princess notebook.

Favorite books: Berenstain Bears books, a book of Dora stories

Favorite toys/activities: craft projects, collecting "treasures" outside, playing outside in your playhouse, sliding on the slide, kicking and throwing a ball, Sit N Spin, Squinkies, wands, bubbles, looking for flowers outside, watching Sofia the First

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