Saturday, May 11, 2013

Garage Sale Treasures

Had some good luck at garage sales this morning. My haul:

an armload of pouffy dress-up clothes
rain boots for Lucia
a large ziplock bag of misc (tiny dolls, cat figurines, etc)
---$15 for all of the above
a stack of antique metal molds of some kind, which look like metal muffin cups, which I'd actually been looking for in stores for the girls to use for sand-box cupcake-making ($1 for 6)

Pretty good, I have to say. Lucia is fixated on her current favorite dress-up things right now, but Greta seized on an adorable pink getup involving a pink velvet leotard, a puffy tulle tutu attached, and puffy tulle cap-sleeves. I put it on over her clothes, and in this getup we spent the morning outside. Word spread among our neighbors that Greta was outside in a tutu, and we drew a small crowd as she toddled up and down the street, doing her best to follow Lucia, who was zipping around on her scooter.

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