Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letter to Lucia: 43 Months

Dear Little One,

After a couple of weeks of crazy tantrums and surliness, you’re back to your usual sunny, funny self. You’ve had some struggles this month, though, to be sure, including terrible seasonal allergies that had your eyes swollen down to your cheekbones and the whites of your eyes swollen, gelatinous horrors. (When you turned those eyes to me and I saw the swelling for the first time, it was all I could do not to scream.)

You love to dance and wear pretty dresses, barrettes, and jewelry. You and Greta have been having a lot of fun lately, especially when Greta willingly goes along with whatever game you’ve come up with. One of your favorites is riding your scooter across the room, dramatically falling off, and then holding out a hand so Greta can “help you up.” You also like doing the Sit N’ Spin while Greta runs around you in circles, screaming. Fun times.

You’re happy that the weather’s getting nicer and love playing outside, and though the really nice days have been rare, those we’ve had give a little inkling of what’s to come: complete, utter filth and multiple, much-needed outfit changes for both you and Greta. During one particularly warm day when the water table and dirt-digging were the favored activities, each of you went through three outfits in as many hours. I’m a little worried about how the coming cicadas will impact our outdoor time—I get as stir-crazy as you do when we have to stay inside.

You’ve cried a couple of times lately at preschool drop-off, though you recover quickly and greet me smiling and happy. You still go very hot and cold when it comes to sociability—generally eager to say hi to our neighbors; generally happy to not play too much with other kids. You are outrageously talkative and hilarious at home, and it does pain me a little that many people can’t see this side of you, but then I remember how your Aunt Molly and I were thrilled at our choice of talkative, outgoing spouses because it meant we’d never have to talk again…and I realize you’re probably doomed.

Favorite toys/activities: Sit N’ Spin, making setups, play food, rice table, water table, sandbox, slide, digging in the dirt, wearing dresses, being barefoot, watching Doc McStuffins, playind doctor, doing a wild dance to “Jimmy Crack Corn”

Favorite books: Disney Princess stories, I Lost My Bear, Angelina Ballerina, Berenstain Bears, Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen

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