Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Greta’s Words

Though to the untrained ear most of Greta’s words sound like some version of “Aack!!”, you’ll have to believe me when I say she’s adding more words all the time. Here are a few new additions, and some I forgot last time I did a round-up.

(I meticulously recorded each new word Lucia said, along with her age when she said it, in her baby book; Greta will have to be content with a somewhat more haphazard blog record.)

car (yelled at top volume at any sighting of a car or truck)
oh NO!
pa (potty)
ball (one of her first words that I forgot to record)
fla (flower)
bee (for any bug)
sit, seat

*When Lucia is in an open, friendly mood, she will announce to anyone and everyone who crosses our path that she is three. “I’m three!” she says, holding up three fingers. Greta has seen her do this countless times, and she clearly believes that this is what you do when you see a new person. She’ll hurry over, hold up a hand with some random fingers splayed out, and yell, “Free!” Lucia always promptly corrects her, saying, “She’s one.”

Finally, a random aside: Greta currently thinks the funniest thing in the world is to take an avocado off the windowsill and pretend to eat it. She puts her open mouth on it and then squeals with laughter.

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