Thursday, October 31, 2013


We had a very full Halloween this year, lots of fun without all the no-electricity drama of Hurricane Sandy. The day began with Lucia's Halloween party at preschool. Andrew was able to stay home from work today, so while Lucia did Halloween crafts and performance preparations with her class, Andrew, Greta, and I went to Greta's music class. (Greta seemed to like having Andrew there, and mildly enjoyed class.) Then we all returned to preschool, where I put Greta into her costume. We gathered with the other parents for the children's Halloween performance--a costume parade and then a selection of Halloween songs. Lucia was in Halloween heaven. She loved spotting us in the audience and waved and grinned during the parade around the gym. She sang all the songs and did all the movements. Each kid's costume was called out for recognition, and Lucia stood up and waved enthusiastically when Butterfly was announced. Afterwards, there were lots of snacks, and then time to ride bikes and run around the gym.

Greta was enamored with the entire production. She gazed at Lucia at the front of the room as though she were a celebrity, and kept waving to her; she was thrilled to be wearing a costume too and refused to take it off, even though she was clearly overheated. She rode a tricycle (with my help) and a scooter around the gym. She lined up for the slide with the bigger kids and clearly announced "TURN" when she decided it was her turn. Too cute. She almost fell asleep on the floor of her bedroom while I prepared her crib for her nap, and slept for two and a half hours.

It was a big morning, but most of Halloween was still to come. Around 3:30, friends came over, and together we walked down into town, which was a riotous melee of trick-or-treating in the shops. It was pretty insane. It's a miracle we didn't lose a kid. We hadn't even brought bags--we'd had no idea what to expect--and had to pile the kids' candy under the stroller. When we'd had enough, we walked home and had a drink on the porch while the kids played.

After our friends left, we set out to trick-or-treat on our block. The girls had remarkable stamina, and were fully immersed in knocking on doors, yelling "Trick or Treat!", and saying "Happy Halloween!" (Or, if you're Greta, "Treat!" and "Ween!") Finally, Greta reached her limit and mutinied; I took her home while Andrew and Lucia went to a couple more houses. Somehow, we got them to eat dinner, and now they're finally in bed and asleep. We are all pretty Halloween-ed out, but it was a great day.

The girls' butterfly costumes were, I will say, pretty cute: homemade fleece tunics, wings from Target, and antennae created from dollar-store Halloween headbands. And I gave them each a pink glowstick necklace when we went out for trick-or-treating.

And now I will go collapse.


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