Sunday, October 27, 2013

Letter to Greta: 2 Years

Dear Grets,

Happy, happy second birthday, little banana! You are two. You seemed more or less unaware of today's momentous milestone, though you enjoyed opening your gifts. We were in New Hampshire for your birthday, with Bobby.

You've been preparing to be two for a while now, with your strong will and fondness for crossing your arms defiantly, staring at us out of the corner of your eye to make sure we see you pouting. Even at your most stubborn, you are still adorable; you don't hesitate to assert yourself and express your intentions and opinions. You like to nod and shake your head when we ask you questions. You still shout "YEAH" as an affirmative response, too.

You are trying desperately to talk and are gaining more words and putting them together; you still stick to one syllable, however. "More chee plee!" is easy to understand; "Whee no? Whee no?"--"I don't know where Lambie is!"--is code to everyone but us. You've recently started adding "too" to your comments. If Lucia asks for water, you run over shouting, "Wrr too!"--"I want water, too!" You call Lucia "Sha." You call us "Ma" and "Da" or "Di."

You love dancing. You do wild, rhythm-less dances that involve your entire body; you stomp dramatically in circles, spin until you're dizzy, head-bang with flying hair to make Lucia laugh hysterically. You like to sing (tunelessly). You do not, however, love your music class. I'm still not sure why. I thought you'd be enraptured, but you are either irritable or clingy throughout. We've had one or two classes where you seemed to get into it, and I've signed you up for next semester too, but this might not be a good match for us. We shall see.

You can do a perfect somersault. You can count to five. You know the names of all the Disney princesses. You know the names of many of the Sesame Street characters, though you hate Grover and Murray. You mostly like Elmo and Ernie and Burt.

You and Lucia have been playing up a storm lately, off on your own, often in the bathroom with the door closed, laughing hysterically together and calling out to me now and then to bring you some particular toy. When one of you falls down, the other runs over to give a hug and a kiss. You desperately want to go to school with Lucia, rushing to get your shoes when Lucia and I leave in the morning; you're old enough now to understand when you're being left behind. Soon enough, little baby. Soon enough.

Favorite toys/activities: carrying around your princess bag full of Magiclip princesses, Magiclip princesses, Cinderella and Rapunzel Barbie-type dolls, scooter, stickers, coloring, dancing, balloons, swinging, sliding, pretending to put things in your eye ("Eye?" you say slyly, holding something like a piece of apple up to your eye).

Favorite books: The Teeny Tiny Ghost, If I Were an Owl, Little Owl, The Very Quiet Cricket, Horns to Toes and In Between, Dear Zoo

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