Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Letter to Lucia: 4 Years

Dear Lulu,

Happy, happy birthday! You were so excited about turning four today. You eagerly anticipated your birthday this year and exclaimed throughout the day, "I'm four!" Daddy worked from home today, and we had a nice day just hanging out here. You opened presents this morning and loved the things we got you, especially a set of Disney Princess Magiclip dolls--four little princesses with dresses that you can change. You also got three mermaids (Ariel and her sisters) for the bathtub, glow-in-the-dark stars for your ceiling, a Hello Kitty holding a cupcake, two nightgowns, and a doll bed with a cupcake comforter that matches yours (I made it last night). Aunt Katherine's gift of the Little Mermaid DVD was here for you and Greta as well, and we watched it tonight, after a day of playing with princesses. After dinner we turned out the lights and lit four candles on a (store-bought) cake, sang Happy Birthday, then all had some cake before bedtime. A fun day all around. You and Greta will have your birthday party on Saturday, so lots more birthday fun is in store.

Beginning a new year is very exciting, especially one that seems as important as four. You're already so funny and silly, interested in so many things--it will be fun to see all the new things that engage you this year. You're getting very independent, and seem to enjoy it, though you have moments when you refuse to do something you can do very easily--like put on your socks--and whine and beg until we do it for you.

You've gotten extremely competitive with Greta in the past few weeks. Even though you're older, and even though Greta looks to you for guidance on how to do pretty much everything, you, too, have your eye always on your sister--and whatever she touches seems, to you, to turn to gold. If Greta touches a leaf in the yard, then you must have that very leaf. It is tiring, and often our days move in fits and starts as I mediate battle after battle. I hope this lessens soon. On the bright side, when this grabbiness doesn't rear its head, you and Greta have so much fun together, making each other laugh hysterically and getting lost in your own little world. That makes up for the tougher moments.

Much fun is ahead this week, little one. I can't wait to see how four progresses. It already seems to suit you very well!

Favorite toys/activities: stickers, coloring books, chalk, batons, jewelry, dancing, wands, crowns, painting nails, funny walks, singing, Halloween decorations, going to the playground, dressing up in princess dresses, your "Twinklebell" shirt (a t-shirt with a ballerina), riding a tricycle at preschool

Favorite books: Ladybug Girl and Bingo, Georgie and the Robbers, Too Many Pumpkins, Winnie the Pooh's Halloween, The Little Mermaid, The Old Black Witch

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