Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letter to Greta: 26 Months

Dear Baby Grets,

Oh, but you love being two. You've embraced it. You revel in it. The power of no! The power of your own will! It's intoxicating. You have learned that you can assert yourself and your whims in this family with just as much force as anyone else, and there's no going back.

Your worst fits are triggered by having to put on your clothes, socks, shoes, and coat. You also don't like to be told no, or to give up something you want to hold onto, or to stop doing something you want to do. You have learned exactly how to enrage Lucia--grabbing her stuff and running away with it and refusing to give it back. When you're particularly angry, you don't just yell "No"--you scream it at an ear-splitting pitch and volume. If there were ever any considerations of a third child (there have not been), your two-ness would have squashed it expediently. After you are done with all this, we will be free of age two forever!

All this said, you are also completely adorable. Your smile could melt stone. You are a cuddler, and love to be held and snuggled. You like to give everyone a kiss and a hug. Any object that we ask you to put away or give up receives a kiss and a cuddle first, even things like cups or spoons. You like to curl up on the floor of the living room with a pillow and blanket and just cuddle up with your Bibi and Lambie. You love dancing, and do a hilarious dance that I call your "crazy gypsy dance"--no music required. You have tons of energy and are in constant motion most days. By naptime, you are exhausted, and two hours' rest is your norm.

You are talking constantly but are still mostly unintelligible, and next week is your speech evaluation, which will determine whether you'll need some speech therapy. I have no expertise at all in this field, so I'm not sure what to think; all I know is that you know tons of words, your colors, your numbers up to ten, and seem to truly believe you're conversing normally. I don't fear for your comprehension or ability to pair words with ideas and objects. You just need to articulate.

Favorite toys/activities: coloring, stickers, "resting", taking ornaments off the Christmas tree, Magiclip princesses, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins

Favorite books: Good Knight books, My First Little House books, Christmas Trolls, The Night Before Christmas, Frosty the Snowman

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