Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letter to Lucia: 50 and 51 Months

Dear Lulu,

***Note: For the first time in four years, I'm going to combine two months of letters into one. I wrote your 50 Month letter last month, and forgot to post it; and now here we are, past time for Month 51, and I've missed this one too. It's New Year's Eve, and for the sake of finishing off the year all caught up with blogging, I'm going to just post a two-month post. Forgive me...***

As I've said before, being four years old seems to suit you. You can do more and more things on your own all the time--from getting dressed entirely to putting on your boots and coat to retrieving your scooter from the basement and carrying it upstairs. The house is your domain: you traverse it from top to bottom, from attic to basement, embracing the various activities you do in each room. Your bedroom: stacks of tiny cubes, elaborate games with your many princesses. The basement: riding your scooter, crawling through the tunnel-and-hut setup, coloring, doing art projects, dancing, building with blocks, playing dress-up. The living room: playing doctor, playing with Squinkies, playing with princesses, reading books. You are never at a loss for things to do. You are never without a song to make up.

You are becoming more little-girl-like all the time, attracted to anything sparkly and glittery and pretty. You still pick out your outfit every day. (You rarely match, and choosing each individual sock takes much consideration.) You love socks: some of the socks you have can be pulled up to your knees, and you call these "super socks." You feel the need to wear only one super sock at a time. Sometimes you and Greta will each wear one super sock. Most days you wind up wearing a leotard or a dress-up dress, super socks and all.

You are into rhyming words, and beginning to be good at coming up with rhymes on your own. You can almost write your name, though the A still gives you trouble. You can almost count to 20, though you get confused sometimes in the teens.

At night, Daddy and I put you to bed (Daddy gives you a bath, reads you books, and sings you a song, though sometimes I do the reading and singing, depending on whom you ask for), and then you skulk about for half an hour or more--never calling downstairs to us; just...wandering and playing. Sometimes, like a mouse or crow, you'll take a small object from our bedroom or my office and bring it into your room, where you put it beside your glowing mushroom nightlight. We always eventually find you in your bed, asleep, a cover pulled up to your chin. You just need that extra winding-down time, on your own.

I've mentioned princesses a few times, and I'll mention them again: you love them. You currently have six Magiclip Princesses and three Barbie-like princesses. All are cherished and played with. One usually accompanies you when we go to school or out shopping. You want to love, but don't really love, the princess movies, though you adore watching Sofia the First and the Tinkerbell movie (more your speed, for now).

You have silliness, personality, and funny expressions to spare. Most days are fun, little one. Still some rough spots here and there, but mostly we get through our days pretty smoothly.

Favorite toys/activities: Gingerbread Girl (tiny McDonald's toy), princesses of all kinds, stickers, glitter glue, coloring, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, Tinkerbell, mermaids, tiny cubes, dancing, Playhut tunnel structure

Favorite books: Gingerbread Baby, Christmas Trolls, Frosty the Snowman, My First Little House books, That's Not Santa, Three Little Pigs, The Golden Egg

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