Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

Monday: snow day. Just a ton of snow. Snow and snow and snow. Snow covering our car and coating all the tree branches. Preschool was cancelled; I had to cancel the sitter since it was too dangerous to drive. At least Andrew worked from home so at least I didn't go totally insane. Still, our across-the-street neighbor does occasionally wonder if we're all dead inside, since on days like this our car just sits there in the driveway, snow-covered, and not a soul is seen outside our house. Our entire life on these winter days takes place within these walls.

And then today--Tuesday is always my long day, and today was doubly long since it followed an identical yesterday. At least the roads were clear today, so I took the girls to Target, where the "fun carts" were not only buried in snow but also encrusted in ice. With my boot, I kicked and cleared one well enough to push inside; and then a very nice employee helped me clear and dry off the rest. So at least we had some out-of-the-house time.

I bought the girls spray bottles and told them we'd go home and "paint the snow," which we did: I filled the bottles with food-coloring-tinted water, and we sprayed the snow purple and red and green. Of course, getting Greta ready to go outside was impossible, accomplished only by giving her a bowl of M&Ms. The painting was only mildly satisfying--I would put way more food coloring in next time, or just dilute some actual paint--but the girls were very excited about eating icicles and "hiding" in the snowy playhouse. Then we had some hot chocolate, poured the rest of the colored water into ice-cube trays (I have no idea what to do with our "rainbow ice cubes", but since school is already cancelled for tomorrow, I thought I'd better get some activities in gear), ate lunch, had nap- and quiet time, baked mini muffins, did a few pages of paint-with-water, mourned the Bibis I put in with the laundry, watched Doc McStuffins, cooked meatloaf, celebrated the return of the Bibis from the dryer, and somehow got through the rest of our day.

And tomorrow will be more of the same.

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