Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Another Tuesday. Tuesdays can go so many ways. They're always long, with no preschool or babysitter, and in such snowy, cold weather we're always completely cooped up. Running an errand is usually a good thing to do, except when trying to get Greta ready for an outing is more stressful than just staying home. So today we stayed home. I thought I'd try to remember and record all the many things we did and played with today, just for fun:

Reading books (including a new book Andrew brought home from work--"Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie")

Having a snack (granola bars)

Setting up a large expanse of pillows, doll crib, and doll bed and putting a variety of stuffed animals down for a nap

Coloring. Lots of coloring.

Sit N' Spin / rocking horse trade-offs

Fort-building in the basement, with the red storage bins I still haven't used for organizing my life

Dancing (Greta)

Shopping-cart pushing (Greta)

Clothespin fairies--they're lost in the woods, can't find their friends, much wailing and lamenting


Making Valentines for Lucia's class party tomorrow (I got Lucia to sign about half of them before she refused to do anymore; she also insisted she didn't know how to write the letter C)

Pop beads

And finally--the Melissa & Doug wooden dollhouse and Little People farm came out late in the day, and a fairly elaborate game ensued. This was the most attention either girl has paid to the dollhouse in the year we've owned it. We even made little carpets for the rooms and accessorized with some tiny Barbie foods. Then all the dollhouse dolls, some other dolls, a few peg dolls, and Lucia and Greta all sat in a line for "school." I led them all in some renditions of "Doe A Dear" and "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain."

Then it was time for TV shows and dinner and even though Andrew had to go to a work dinner and miss bedtime, we all survived. Well, more or less--Lucia pulled down a towel rack while dancing in the tub (something we've said again and again not to do); but we'll be getting a new bathroom soon, so no real harm done.

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