Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Respite

After another snowy week last week, I was counting the seconds until we could go to Connellsville and have a few days of R n' R, where it wouldn't matter if we were snowed in because Lucia and Greta wouldn't even know we were there, so focused they would be on Gra and Pop-Pop. Alas, we got another snowstorm on Thursday, so we couldn't leave that afternoon as we'd planned. I wanted to just get in the car and go; Andrew pointed out we couldn't even leave our driveway.

Friday, we gave the girls their Valentine's Day gifts in the morning. I'll digress here to say that after years of assuming everyone gave Valentine's Day gifts to their kiddos, I see now I was wrong. It doesn't matter. I like planning their little Valentine's Day surprises, and this year I (fine, WE) gave them each a mermaid Hello Kitty, some colored pens, a few tiny notebooks, a unicorn necklace, a book, a coloring book, and a tiny teaset featuring the very kawaii Rikkukuma bear, which I ordered from eBay and which arrived from China.

After we got everything packed up, we finally started out for PA, and we didn't have too bad a drive. We got there just before dinner on Friday, and it pretty much immediately began snowing again. We managed to get out for some shopping on Saturday, and then it snowed again on Sunday. We left much earlier than we wanted to on Monday because--yes--we had to beat yet another snowstorm. Despite our shorter-than-planned trip, it was immensely relaxing. For me and Andrew. Mom and Dad were on constant granddaughter duty, playing with Sophia dolls, sticking staticky balloons to legs and arms, coloring, jumping on beds, reading books, and playing with countless other things, including the beloved water droppers.

Everyone had fun. I'm so glad we managed to get there, despite the dicey traveling. And the girls were great travelers--even Lucia napped on the way back. A successful trip all around. My fingers are crossed that we've seen the last of the snow. Ha! Hahaha!

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