Thursday, August 21, 2014

In with the Ponies

We are on the cusp of change: ponies are overtaking princesses. We've been in princess-world for almost one full year, and now, as summer comes to an end, both girls' interest in the Disney Princesses seems to be waning. They still play a lot with their Barbie-size princess dolls, but they haven't played with their Magiclips very much lately, and they no longer gravitate toward any potholder, keychain, outlet cover, or what-have-you with a princess on it. Today Lucia even told me that next time we go to New Hampshire, she doesn't want to take her princesses. She wants to take ponies instead.

And so begins our My Little Pony era. We've had ponies for a while now--I bought a few at a yard sale a couple of summers ago, and the girls have always played with them now and then, without much fervor. Greta was always much more interested. But now--but now. They saw an impressive collection of My Little Ponies when we visited friends in Pittsburgh last month. And they discovered the My Little Pony TV show at the beach last week, when another little girl was watching it. There was no going back.

Both girls now know most of the ponies on the show, and even Greta can say them perfectly--Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack. They've been inseparable from the My Little Ponies we own (which, for now, thank goodness, are the early-2000s version and not the creepy anime style currently in stores). It's funny to see how the new obsession is merging with and overtaking the old--in the car this week, we've still been listening to Frozen, but now Lucia makes a pony she calls "Princess Celestia" sing along with "Let It Go": "Nay nay nay naynay nay nay nay naaay..."

Ponies have accompanied us to the pool every day this week. I found a couple of ponies at the church sale in July--I'll trot them out (ha) this weekend when we drag the girls to a kitchen tile showroom. I'm not wild about the TV show, or the incredibly ridiculous pony names, but I in general I love collections and am always more than game to share in any new obsession that comes along. Let the yard-saling continue in earnest!

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