Friday, August 01, 2014

Letter to Greta: 33 Months

Dear Baby Grets,

Sorry: Big Girl Grets. You won't abide being called a baby these days, and you're taking more and more pride in doing things by yourself. "FELF," you say firmly, whether it's climbing into your carseat, climbing out of your carseat, getting dressed, or using the potty. You also don't like when we offer you bites of food you've expressed an interest in: "No. OWN," you say. And so we give you your own.

Miracle of miracles, you seem to be potty trained. Not only that: you don't even want help. You announce "Go pee-pee," stride into the bathroom, pull down your underwear and pants, climb onto the toilet, and go. You (cursorily) wipe, flush, and step onto the step stool to wash your hands. The first time you managed to flush by yourself, you were overcome with pride and excitement. "Me big girl now!!" you exclaimed, clasping your hands in front of your neck. I am just as excited about this development as you are.

Your speech is improving by leaps and bounds. Most of your words are intelligible; you're trying hard at more complicated, multi-syllable words; you're speaking in full phrases and sentences. You confuse "me" for "I," but that seems like a pretty usual two-year-old thing. Your speech therapist said she's changing her objectives now to focus on sounds, since your language development and structure are so much improved.

You're heavily into silly talk right now, thanks to Lucia. Silly voices, nonsense jabber. It's constant, and, I have to say, annoying. I'll be happy when this stage passes. On the bright side, it's introduced some pretty funny things into your repertoire, like a cackly, witchy voice in which you call people "my dearie." "Okay, my dearie," you cackle, with a sly little smile.

Your days of ravenous, voracious eating seem to be over, though you still eat well at almost every meal. When you don't like or want something, you refuse to even keep it on your plate. You love cheese above all else. And bagels. You couldn't care less about snacks, sometimes eating one when I offer it, but just as often ignoring it. I don't think you've ever actually asked me for a snack--which makes you as different from your sister as it's possible to be.

You are sleeping from 7:30pm till around 7am, with no night wakings. You wear a size 4T and size 9 shoe. You're finally letting me put a barrette in your hair so you don't look quite so much like a sheepdog. You are still cuddly and clingy, some days clingier than others, though you no longer cry when you're left with a babysitter (probably because you're always with Lucia, too, since it's summertime).

You're still insanely stubborn, and naughty, and you like to goad Lucia; but you're generally pleasant and fun. And hilarious, too. Cuter and cuter every day.

Favorite toys/activities: Barbie-size princesses, My Little Ponies, Playmobil animals, bubbles, dancing, puzzles (up to 48 pieces), seeing animals outside

Favorite books: Five Beds for Bitsy, Too Many Kittens, I Like Being Little, Aristocats, Brave Little Tailor, Emperor's New Clothes, Frog and Toad books

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