Sunday, October 02, 2016

Fall in NH

Ah, fall in New Hampshire. We love coming up here so much in the summer, and usually only make it once or twice in the fall, but somehow our fall visits are among my favorites. We still get outside, but not as much in the cold and damp, so we spend much of the days just here inside, the four of us, enjoying the quiet and stillness.

Well, Andrew and I enjoy the quiet and stillness. The girls keep themselves as busy as anywhere else. A rundown of our days so far:

Friday, Sept. 30

We drove to NH after Lucia got home from school--a long, endless drive with lots of traffic.

Saturday, Oct. 1

L&G started off our weekend with their go-to NH activity: playing doctor with antique kitchen gadgets. Then on to hide and seek. We also played Candyland and Memory.

Wary of a rainy weekend, we seized the afternoon to go apple picking at our favorite spot, Riverview Farm. We picked apples, went on a hayride through the orchard and blueberry fields, ate maple ice cream, took pictures by pumpkins. It was a ridiculously nice fall afternoon.

Bonus: On our way to the farm, we drove past a rummage sale in its final hour, where they were giving everything away by donation. We never know exactly when this rummage sale is, but we've stumbled upon it now for three years in a row, and we never lack for treasures. An unopened off-brand Rainbow Loom thingy, a big jar of play money, puzzles, vintage Chutes and Ladders, and two never-used zippered Clinique pouches to store Shopkins. Also a creepy hand-drawn portrait of a baby. Score.

Then we went grocery shopping and then went home. We had hot dogs and ribs for dinner. Andrew threw the Frisbee around with the girls while he grilled. Greta declared herself a "fan" of ribs and we had to stop her from eating the entire rack. Lucia nibbled one and gave it a thumb's down.

Also notable is Greta's new expression: "as well." "Can I have water, as well?" She must have picked that up at school. So polite.

Sunday, Oct. 2

We finally made it out for a nature walk today and went into our favorite part of the woods, to the place the girls call the "fairy forest." Greta became so focused on collecting sticks that, after our walk, she and Andrew returned to the woods with a wheelbarrow to collect more officially.

After lunch, we did some indoor things--puzzles from the rummage sale, lots of loomed bracelets, Shopkins fun.

We went out to dinner at the Weathervane. Also, we saw a huge fox strolling down the road this morning. I've never gotten so long a look at one. We've also seen lots of turkeys and deer. Fall!

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