Sunday, October 16, 2016

Post-Birthday Fun

One of my least favorite things is when Andrew is away for the weekend. Being alone with the kids during the week has gotten easier--we're so busy with school and activities--but the weekends just feel so isolating. Sigh. Fortunately, Lucia and Greta had lots and lots of things to do today, and we were busy all day long as they played with gifts from yesterday's birthday celebration. Both of them are wild about the Legos we bought at the Lego Store, and we spent most of today working on their sets. Lucia is so good at it--has been for a while but it's always fun to watch her build. The set she chose is the biggest and most challenging she's had yet, and she didn't come anywhere close to finishing it. It's a multi-day set for sure. She loved building it and she also loved just playing with the little characters that came with it.

Greta is starting to come into her own with Lego building too--today she worked on the Friends hot dog stand, and she was doing it on her own by the end: looking at the instructions, finding the right pieces, positioning them to match the illustrations. She was so pleased with herself.

Besides the Legos, Lucia played with her bakery a lot today, and both girls love the balloons (which are still keeping their helium). Birthday fun.

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