Friday, October 28, 2016

Letter to Greta: 5 Years Old

Baby Grets,

Happy happy birthday!! Five is HUGE. A game changer. You've already changed so much in the past couple of months, and so much more will come this year.

Though no one can match the birthday excitement of your sister, you were pretty excited about your big day. I had balloons for you in the morning, and you opened two presents--a Pusheen plush eating a donut, and an Applejack Equestria Girl. You requested chocolate croissants for breakfast (Pillsbury croissants baked with chocolate hazlenut spread). Then you went off to school, where the kids sang Happy Birthday and shared the treat you brought in--vampire donuts.

After school, you had a playdate here with a friend whose parents needed some last-minute help. (A hilarious comment I overheard you make as you showed her around your room: "Would you like to see some of my magical things from Disney World?") When Lucia got home, you finally got to open the rest of your presents. You were thrilled with them all, declaring at the end that you'd gotten everything you'd wanted. (Whew.) Then we had some of the delicious rainbow-sprinkle cake Daddy had made, after being inspired by an article this week in the New York Times. Your favorite presents were a Woodzeez bakery and ice cream shop.

By that point you'd been birthday-d out, and you and Lucia watched an Equestria Girls movie before we all had waffles for dinner.

Your birthday celebration will continue tomorrow, Friday, when all your pre-K friends come over for a party. You asked for one, and since Lucia had a party for her fifth birthday, it seemed fair. The fact that it's cold and wet outside is making me rue this decision just a tiny bit...but I'm sure it'll be fine.

Anyway: At five, you are as cute and funny and cuddly as ever. I wonder if you'll ever not want to cuddle so much--Lucia will agree for a few seconds, then off she runs to something else. You love being read to, and you so desperately want to read--I feel confident you'll pick it up quickly when it's time.

You love playing with tiny things, the tinier the better, and your new Woodzeez things, as well as Shopkins, are your focus. You get so wrapped up in your imaginary play--the rest of us, and the world, disappear while you set up your little spaces and play with them.

You love your pre-K class and have really grown since the start of the school year. You eat lunch at school four of the five days, and every day you join your class line without a backward glance. Not even one tear at dropoff this year. That's amazing to me. You've made many new friends but, as expected, you're still on the quiet side--steering clear of crowds and chaos. (This is right, because you're mine.) But you've also become much more independent and less clingy--you don't have any issue now going off to your swimming or gymnastics classes. And oh, what a struggle both of those were at first.

You love animals; you love horses and ponies. You love learning to draw new things. (Ghosts and candles are your current favorite discoveries.)

So: happy fifth birthday, Miss Miss. It'll be an incredible year.

Favorite books: Big Pumpkin, Pumpkin Town, Crows of Pear Blossom (gag), Little Witch's Big Night, 10 Trick or Treaters, Five Little Pumpkins

Favorite toys/activities: Shopkins, Shopkins, Shopkins, tiny foods, Woodzeez sets, Pusheen, My Little Ponies (less now, sob), Legos

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