Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Twitters

Yay, the weekend

Big surprise: McCain will be in the debate tonight

Watching Palin speak is painful

I’ve never seen anyone so skilled at butchering the English language—and that’s after 8 years of Bush

Prepositions, subordinate clauses, and restrictive phrases, oh my

Andrew and I went to our favorite pizza place, Zelda’s, for dinner last night

Andrew took baked ziti to work today for lunch

I had leftover Zelda’s for lunch

Very glad The Office has started up again

It’s quite hot here today

Andrew had a dentist appointment this morning

I have a few mosquito bites

A bird is screeching outside the window

Maybe I’ll go to the gym tonight

I need a drink of water

Just got up and drank some water

My California poppies seem to be growing again, after being parched and dead

Where’s my new New Yorker???

Watching spoofs of Sarah Palin is becoming an obsession

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