Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Twitters

I can’t believe tomorrow is October

There are two small squirrels in the tree today, different ones from yesterday, I think

A bit of squirrel-tail fluff drifted onto the table this afternoon as I sat there

Gym tonight

Will CBS, as rumored, release more juicy Sarah Palin clips?

Early voting has begun in some states

Just read a few articles about self-diagnosis/Googling symptoms in the Times and feel compelled to Google something, like “delt pain”

I wish my New Yorker came at the beginning of the week

Last night we had pasta with sausage, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes for dinner

Perhaps I’ll make a tomato tarte tatin tonight, a recipe from last weeks NYT

But that involves another trip to the grocery store

It was in the high-80s today

Andrew, alarmed, reported last night that a few drops of something wet had fallen from the sky onto his windshield as he drove home; what could that be?

I think I’ve checked my regular roster of political/news websites about ten times each today

That’s ridiculous

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