Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Twitters

It was 98 degrees here yesterday afternoon, and 55 degrees last night

The thought of Sarah Palin in NYC actually makes my skin crawl

Unazukin believes Obama will win the election

Maybe I’ll get a neck tattoo of Spanish moss

Andrew and I might go apple-picking soon

This weekend we’ll try to book Japan hotels

Our trash is a bio-hazard. Ick.

I had a bowl of cereal and an avocado for lunch to avoid baked ziti

Last night for dinner I had crackers, cheese, figs, and a bowl of apple crisp with ice cream…to avoid baked ziti

The neck of my t-shirt is strangling me

When I opened the paper this morning I found a moth

I took the moth outside

Tonight is the premier of The Office

Last night Andrew and I watched reruns of The Office, including the one where Michael is going to Sandals in Jamaica and says he’s never been out of the country before

Sarah Palin seems like she could be a character on The Office

“I can see Russia from Alaska” seems like a line straight out of The Office

I can see West Virginia from Farmington

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