Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Twitters

I just watched a squirrel take a nap in a tree

Before he fell asleep, he was leaping from branch to branch with another squirrel

Squirrels are really cute and have human-like paws

I just inhaled a bowl of pistachios

Once again, it’s warm outside, though not as bad as this weekend

Every day I search obsessively for news about Sarah Palin

We bought a bag of plums at the farmer’s market that seem to be a bit hard

Last night we had crackers, cheese, spinach dip, and pears instead of an actual dinner

When I typed that last sentence I capitalized “spinach”—weird

I’m mildly obsessed with Mojidoku puzzles

Andrew found three mosquitoes in the bathroom yesterday

There were two full pages of articles about Barcelona in Saturday’s Financial Times. Very annoying.

This afternoon I called Andrew to report that the Dow had fallen 400 points, then realized I had little idea what that actually meant

Now it’s fallen 700

I heard rumors of a bank run

Perhaps I’ll make a bank run

My shoulders are sore from yoga yesterday

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