Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I Walking a Cane

Lucia’s been saying the funniest things lately. This weekend when Andrew and I were sitting on the couch and Lucia was amusing herself with something on the coffee table, she suddenly looked up and said, “I’m so happy!” That was pretty cute. She also says “I’m walking with a cane” and then limps around the room with her abacus as a cane; “Each one has a flower” when we’re reading Madeline; “She drank the whole thing” when she gives her doll a bottle; “Mama, where are you?”; “Where Dada go?”; and much, much more. Recently she ran into the bedroom, looked at me, and said, “I can’t find paw-paw.” It was just so clear. And yesterday we were both having some turkey breast and she said, “We both eating turkey.” Really fun to see this all in motion.

Oh, and today there was this exchange:

Lucia, randomly, while standing at her art table: “Happy birthday!”
Me: “Whose birthday is it?”
Lucia: “Markers’ birthday! They have a cake.” She then grabbed a handful of markers and observed, “Lots of them!”

However, Lucia sometimes also seems to be speaking English as a second language. Often, when she attempts to say a preposition + article construction (with a, on the, in the, etc.), she simply says “a.” So she says a lot of things like, “I put it a table” and “I walking a cane” and “Go a living room.” She sounds like a charming little European visiting our humble home.


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