Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Exploring

We headed out to the burbs once again today, this time to drive around Montclair, New Jersey. And we really loved what we saw. We’d been to Montclair several months ago on a very preliminary exploration—it’s where we bought Lucia’s very first stuffed Elmo—but this time we were looking more specifically at houses. There are some beautiful, tree-lined streets, large, interesting houses, nice-sized yards, good parks, lots of places to walk to. The schools are, I’ve read, outstanding. We went to just one open house today but are definitely putting Montclair high on the list for future hunting.

Once again the girls were great in the car. However, Lucia seems to have gotten it into her head that any time we get in the car, our destination is a playground. As soon as we get on the road, her chant begins: “Playground? I go a playground?” We did find a playground for her, since we had some time to kill before the open house; we stuffed her into her snowpants, hat, coat, and mittens in the back of the car and then traipsed through a snowy park to a great playground. Unfortunately, the equipment was all too slippery, but she still had fun tramping in the snow and watching Andrew throw snowballs at trees.

We could see ourselves in Montclair. It only takes twenty minutes to drive from there back to the city—which means we can still do city things once the kids are a) old enough to take the train in with me to a museum or event, or b) old enough to be left with a sitter so Andrew and I can drive in ourselves for evenings out.

Another successful exploration. The time for real hunting is getting closer and closer…soon we’ll have to start narrowing our focus.

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