Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Greta was so hungry for dinner yesterday that she ran into the kitchen while I was cooking and began trying to pull everything down from the counters, screaming "More berry! More berry!" until I gave her yet another strawberry. She and Lucia devoured half a pound of Trader Joe's tortellini and a pile of cantaloupe.

Today I heard loud banging and Greta yelling from the bathroom while Lucia was watching Doc McStuffins. I went in to find Greta trying to arrange the potty seat on the toilet, screaming, "Pa! Pa!" (potty). I took off her pants and diaper and arranged her on the seat, where she sat very happily and unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper. Fun times.

Our summer babysitter is fabulous. She's a preschool teacher and always brings a wonderful activity for the girls. Today they made birdseed, brought it outside to feed the birds, and were reading a book about birds when I got home.

Greta does not seem to have a sweet tooth. She always very excitedly runs in with Lucia for a cookie after dinner ("Kee! Kee!") but then just takes a few nibbles and either abandons it or keeps it in her fist until it dissolves into soggy crumbles.

The girls exhibited looong attention spans this afternoon. We spent an hour and a half doing Play-Doh, mixing it with glitter to make sparkly Play-Doh. Then, instead of turning on a show at 5:00, they were both on their stomachs in the living room, coloring in tiny notebooks. Then they got out stickers and did that for a long time. A nice day.

More to come soon about last weekend, which we spent with friends in New Hampshire.

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