Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend in New Hampshire

We spent last weekend in New Hampshire, a wonderful few days as always. We'd invited friends from Maplewood to join us this time, a family of five plus a Golden Retriever. It's always a little nerve-wracking to invite others to our peaceful realm, since really the only thing we can do as hosts is open the door and wave everyone out into the yard. You either love doing nothing, or don't love it, and fortunately this family was right on board.

We barely saw Lucia for two days--she and the little girl her age were off in their own nearly-four-year-old world, sometimes even playing together upstairs in Lucia's room. It was a real vision of what things will be like once Lucia and Greta are just a little bit older. At night, Lucia shared a room with the two sisters, and she was very excited about her first "sleepover"--there was a lot of running around and talking and laughing, but somehow they all eventually got into bed and went to sleep. (Greta, the youngest of the four girls, slept in her own little room.)

We did all the regular New Hampshire things, and each day the weather was beautiful: picking wildflowers, hiking in the woods, playing by the pond, splashing in the kiddie pool, playing with balls and other outdoor toys, and--after the kids' bedtime--sitting by the fire pit. We even saw several spectacular shooting stars, and heard some coyotes (or coy-dogs, as our friend claimed) howling somewhere in the woods.

Lots of tiny frogs this time around, and a small orange salamander in the woods, but no bats.

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