Saturday, August 17, 2013

Guest Post: Day 2

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day #2 down, and what I feared would be the hardest day was actually very good. I didn’t sleep well, worried that I wouldn’t hear Greta, and so I woke up at 4:30am and then 5:30, and then quickly hopped out of bed to give Greta her pacifier at 6am when she did actually cry out. She went right back to sleep until 7am. One of the joys I’m realizing of this time alone with the girls is being the one that holds Greta so much. Usually this is Margo’s job, usually because Greta has been in a big mommy phase lately, but picking her up from her crib in the morning after she has scooped up a vast quantity of stuffed animals, always including Lamby and Bibi, and having lay her head on my shoulder is a pretty wonderful feeling. This morning we came downstairs and I made her a bottle of milk and she sat on my lap and poked at my face for 10 minutes, milk dribbling down her chin and she laughed and smiled and stuck her fingers in my ears. Lucia was up shortly thereafter, and came downstairs by herself.

I gave both girls breakfast and they also got their first big morning surprise gift from Mommy. Margo bought each girl a small gift to receive each morning she was gone, and we started off with two tiny Littlest Pet Shop cats, with big goofy eyes and bobbling heads, along with a handmade card that said “I miss you! Love, Moma.” Lucia saw hers first and squealed with delight. Greta proceeded to put her cat’s head in her mouth, refusing to let it go.

After breakfast we changed out of PJs and loaded up the scooter and tricycle and drove up to the South Mountain Reservation, about a 3 minute drive away where they have a great paved car-free bike path. Both girls had a great time being out in the sunshine and Lucia zipped along on her scooter. We spent about an hour there and then headed home for lunch. Both girls were tired and getting cranky so we headed up for naptime and quiet time at 12:30 on the dot.

Greta slept until almost 3pm, and, worried that I had worn them out, I decided to not push them to go to the zoo or to the playground in the afternoon. Instead we had a nice 2 hours playing out in the front and back yard, kicking the ball around, drawing with chalk, and climbing on the short trees at the side of the house. Soon it was time for Doc McStuffins and dinner. We then walked over to our neighbor’s house across the street and played on their jungle gym and swing set. They also had out these great big bubble wands that made huge bubbles and Lucia was enthralled.

Bedtime and bath time went pretty well, although Lucia now wants to get out of the tub before Greta, which means that she is with Greta and I the whole time I am changing her, reading her stories, singing her songs, and putting her to bed. It wasn’t that big a problem, and it is sweet to watch as she sings made up songs to Greta to “help her go to sleep.”

All in all a great, easier-than-I-imagined-day.  Below are some pictures of our day.


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