Monday, March 03, 2014

Letter to Greta: 28 Months (Belated)

Dear Baby Grets,

Way back, when you were a tiny, cooperative little baby, cute as a button and doing everything exactly right--sleeping well, eating spectacularly, going with the flow--it was impossible for me to imagine ever getting mad at you, or ever having reason for anger at all. Oh ho, little one, how low you have brought me. You are still cute as a button, still beloved and lovable, but you are also the most willful, stubborn, uncooperative two-year-old I've ever had the joy of raising. Your terrible-twoness coincided, unfortunately, with this endless winter, and leaving the house--which of course requires socks, boots, and a coat--has become all but impossible. A trip to Target or Trader Joe's used to get us through a particularly long morning; but now, the nightmare of getting you ready renders such trips pointless. No perusal of the dollar bins can possibly be worth what we have to do to get out the door.

But you are also lots of fun right now. You love playing with whatever is at hand, and you and Lucia occupy yourselves effortlessly day in and day out. You love going to Lucia's preschool and never want to leave when we drop Lucia off or pick her up--sometimes you carry her lunchbag home in your carseat, and once you even kept it with you for your nap. You are so silly much of time time. One of your silliest games is to take one of your small toys or your pa-pa and pretend to put it various places--into my coffee mug, into your cereal. "Here?" you say, and I say with great drama, "Nooo!" "Here? Here?" You giggle like crazy.

You love to hide, and bedtime has gotten more insane than usual. You and Lucia rush to the top of the stairs, and one of you screams, "Hide!!!" and you tear off to go hide in one of your closets, with much hilarity.

You love wearing dress-up dresses and, once you put one on, it usually stays on for the rest of the day, including through naptime. You insist, always, on pushing up your sleeves and your pant legs, and you refuse to ever wear socks.

You love cuddling, and you are clearly the baby of the family; you retreat into this role often. But you are also so aware of what Lucia is doing, and this is propelling some quick changes. Most notably, you're potty training yourself. "Pee! Pee!" you say, pulling on our hands. We haven't been pushing this at all. You started doing this on your own, and you seemed to just know what to do. You've been going a couple of times a day on the potty, and I think when we start potty-training in earnest it'll go pretty smoothly. (Famous last words, perhaps, but I don't think so.)

Every day is an adventure with you, little baby.

Favorite toys/activities: sit n' spin, coloring, peg gnomes, Sophia and Amber dolls, dress-up, dancing, dollhouse, Little People farm, GlowPet unicorn

Favorite books: Hippos Go Berserk, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Pajama Time, Chloe

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