Thursday, March 27, 2014

Letter to Lucia: 54 Months

Dear Elsa,

"Elsa" is what you prefer to go by these days, as we've lost you to Frozen fever. You've loved shows before and learned favorite songs from "Sofia the First" and "Doc McStuffins," but nothing--nothing--has captivated you quite like Frozen. Like every other child in the country, you belt out "Let It Go" over and over again for much of the day, adding more of Elsa's motions each time--shrugging off her cape, tossing away her crown, conjuring the ice castle, stomping to create a giant snowflake, running up an ice staircase. You and Greta (who's always Anna, of course) reenact scenes from the movie, with you feeding lines to Greta and then bursting into song. I never thought I'd have so much fun seeing a child of mine swept away by Disney, but there we are.

You're sick of winter. We all are. For the past couple of days you and I have lamented all of the wonderful things we'll do once summer finally gets here: put out the porch furniture; eat all our meals on the porch; pick flowers; climb trees; go to the pool...on and on. "I hate staying inside all the time!!!" you yelled this week, after I had to admonish you that you couldn't swing your butterfly net around near the exposed light bulbs in the basement. We are all just done, done, done with this winter.

Your Quiet Time activity the past couple of days has been arranging your large number of tiny stuffed animals in a "party"--there's a snack area, where you arrange your tiny tea set; lots of games for the animals; a nail polish and lip-gloss area; and a place for them to rest. It takes up most of the floor of your room, makes an enormous mess, but is also quite orderly and intentional, with all the little animals arranged in neat little groups. (And such an activity reveals a fundamental difference between your Daddy and me: Daddy's reaction to such a setup is to remark on just how many tiny stuffed animals you have; my reaction is to buy you more, since you love them so dearly.)

You continue to love preschool. We met with your teacher for a "parent/teacher conference" this week, and you were praised for your flawless willingness to share and your enthusiasm. You have several consistent friends but she said there's also a "gravitational pull" toward you--the other kids like to play with you because of your self-confidence and the fact that you always have an idea of what you want to do.

Your eating has taken a turn for the more difficult, if this is even possible. You're "tired of cheese." You seem to want to live on bread and butter, milk, baby carrots, and fruit. Mealtimes are very frustrating these days, you with the endless negotiations, and Greta screaming and covering her face with her hands whenever she looks at her dinner plate. Once she did it even when the plate was empty. Sigh.

Favorite toys/activities: Elsa and Anna dolls, Magiclip princesses, tiny stuffed animals, hobby horse, dress-up, gnome tea parties, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, sit n spin

Favorite books: Gruffalo, Spiffiest Giant in Town, The King Who Wouldn't Sleep, Ella Bella and the Sleeping Beauty, Poppleton books, Grumpy Bird, Zoe Gets Ready, Zoe's Room

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