Monday, March 03, 2014

Letter to Lucia: 53 Months (Belated)

Dear Little Lulu,

This is a very late letter, but at least it's here. This has been a crazy month, highlighting one of the central frustrations and phenomena of parenting: the more time we're cooped up at home, the less time I have to do anything. We've been at home a lot a lot a lot the past few weeks because of this crazy winter, so things like timely blog post have fallen by the wayside.

Anyway. It's been apparent for a month or so now that you are becoming much more kid-like. You have friends at preschool whom you enjoy playing with. You love Thursdays, when you get to stay for "Lunch Bunch" and soccer. You have an amazing memory and are almost too observant; you forget, and miss, nothing. You aren't all that interested in playing games on the iPad anymore, but when you do play games like Fruit Pop, you're uncannily skilled: swiping your finger to link three fruits, connecting fruit chains to coconuts, spotting groups of fruit faster than me sometimes. You understand a lot about stories and shows, in a deeper way than before--we've been watching a lot of "Frozen" songs on YouTube, and during one where Elsa is sad, you explained that she's sad because she's afraid she'll hurt her little sister. I don't remember giving you a lot of context or background to the song, so this dynamic is something you picked up on yourself.

You and Greta are the best of friends most of the time, and you are patient (usually) beyond your years. You still talk for her, and translate what she's saying, and though I feel this is contributing to Greta's speech problems, it also, I think, bonds you together. I had to take you to Greta's speech therapy appointment last week, which I thought would be a disaster, but it turned out to be quite good: Greta opened up more to the therapist with you there; you set her more at ease. You unfailingly take care of her, which is always pretty amazing to see.

Favorite toys/activities: Sophia and Amber dolls, Ariel doll, Silvermist and Rosetta Squinkies (when they aren't hopelessly lost), GlowPet unicorn, Hello Kitties, coloring, dancing, dress-up, peg gnomes, sit n spin, pop beads

Favorite books: Cloud Tea Monkeys, Knuffle Bunny, Kevin Henke books

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