Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Sisters' Secret

Every single night, when I go up to check on the girls after they've fallen asleep, I find a random assortment of things in Greta's crib, which Lucia has tossed in. All the pacifiers are always in there, and I've also found bath toys, Greta's night light, stuffed animals from her storage basket, and much more. One time I found a large "artwork"--styrofoam peanuts on cardboard. Every night, I tell Lucia not to go in Greta's room. Greta always falls asleep quickly, and I'm afraid, one of these nights, Lucia will wake her up when she makes her crib deliveries. "But she wants them," Lucia has said. "She likes when I come in." I've always discounted her claims. We've tried to get this to stop, to no avail.

At least, this has been my impression of how things go. Last night, I learned more. About ten minutes after I went downstairs after finishing up Lucia's stories, I heard Lucia walk into Greta's room--and Greta start talking to her. I went upstairs but ducked into my room before either girl saw me, wanting to see what, exactly, was going on. "Okay, Greta," I heard Lucia say. "You can give it a hug and a kiss, but you can't keep it. You have to give it back." I knew immediately what was happening: when I put Greta into her crib last night, she'd immediately stood up and asked me for her night light, insisting on giving it "a kiss and a hug" before allowing it to return to her bureau. I'm assuming she asked Lucia, too, for the night light. There was a little giggling. Then Lucia quietly began singing Greta a song--a sweet little song from "Doc McStuffins": "Tell me what's wrong...What's going on...There must be something we can do...Tell me your fears...I'll be right here..."

I'd planned on warning Lucia to not go into Greta's room; but instead, I crept back downstairs while Lucia was still singing. I have to assume this happens every night--a secret sisterly ritual. You can't get much cuter than that.

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