Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter to Greta: 3 Years Old

Dear Little Miss Grets,

You're three! Happy birthday, dear one. You were swept up in this month's birthday excitement, announcing throughout the day, "It's my birthday!" and holding up three fingers. We celebrated yesterday in New Hampshire, where we traveled for the weekend with Bobby so we could go pumpkin-picking and nature-walking for your birthday. It was such a great weekend, and you were very excited about your presents. The biggest hits were your own super-big My Little Pony with rainbow hair, like Lucia's (you've been coveting this pony for months), and your Strawberry Shortcake friend Cherry Jam, which goes along with the Strawberry Shortcake you got for Lucia's birthday. (Figuring out what each of you get for your birthdays, and which things you'll get for each other's birthdays, is quite the project.)

Three. How funny you've gotten, and how silly. You talk constantly, often incorporating phrases you've picked up from us. You said something was "Crazytown" the other day, which I say all the time. Sometimes you say, "Wait wait wait," to get our attention, which is pure Lucia. I love hearing all of it, mostly because it's all cute, but also because it's all--well, nearly all--comprehensible. Indeed, you've been discharged from speech therapy--your speech therapist, Emily, said you've improved so much that now we can just let development take over. She said we'll reassess in about six months, but I'm confident that you're on your way.

You are asserting your independence more and more, and becoming more capable. You can use the bathroom all by yourself now; you sometimes need help getting your pants up properly, but mostly you're on your own, without even a potty seat. If Lucia goes into the bathroom with you, as she's wont to do, she even helps you wash and dry your hands. You pick out your own clothes most days, and have definite opinions on what you want to wear. You like to select toys to "put on your bureau" during naptime.

You're still napping up to two hours each day, going to sleep at night at 7:30pm and getting up around 7am. You're still in your crib, but I suspect this will change soon. In New Hampshire this weekend, I happened to peek in your door shortly after I put you down for your nap--and witnessed you climb in and out of your pack-and-play to retrieve a dropped toy. Quietly, without fanfare. So the writing's on the wall, much to my chagrin. I can't even imagine you sleeping in a bed: you're a baby!

You don't like to be called a "baby," and correct me each time: "I'm a big girl." You try so hard to keep up with Lucia, but right now--at three and five--you're still best friends but you're definitely at different stages. Lucia's discovered a new love of Legos, and can follow the instructions to put together little things; you, though you love the finished objects, have absolutely no facility with Lego construction. Of course. You're three. In good time, my little lovey. In good time.

You are, however, an amazing puzzle-doer, and have been for some time now. You and Lucia are working on up to 100-piece puzzles now, each working on different sections and "attaching" them when it's time. (Unless you throw a fit and refuse to attach yours. Which does, sometimes, happen.)

School is going so much better now. Most days you don't even cry, and you are always smiling and happy at pickup time. This is a relief.

Your super-size appetite has abated now that you're three, and though you still sometimes return to your amazing-eater ways--five pierogies at a time!--you've slowed down considerably. You are still taller than any other three-year-old we encounter. You wear a size 4T but will likely turn to 5T before the winter's out.

Happy birthday, Greta Banana. You're our little sweetie.

Favorite toys/activities: Playmobil animals, coloring, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, My Little Pony anything, puzzles

Favorite books: Big Pumpkin, The Teeny Tiny Ghost, Hansel and Gretel, Sara Squirrel and the Lost Acorns

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