Thursday, October 09, 2014

New Hampshire: September

Our trip to New Hampshire the last weekend in September seemed doomed. Andrew had to unexpectedly go to Mexico the week we were planning to go, and our renovation was scheduled to start the Monday after we'd planned to return. But somehow, we made it work. We drove there Friday morning and returned Sunday night. A short trip, but refreshing and reviving as usual. Continuing our trend of pick-your-own, we took the girls apple picking on Saturday, which was so much fun. Both girls love picking fruit, and there were plenty of apples within reach; it didn't take long at all two fill two large bags. Then we tasted some apple cider (and hard cider, for me and Andrew). Next up will be pumpkin picking later this month.

We happened upon a rummage sale--yay!--on our way home from the orchard, and I picked up a great elephant tent for $2.50. The girls played in the tent with their My Little Ponies for most of the rest of the weekend. They even ate some of their meals in it. We spent plenty of time at the pond, and took a wonderful nature walk through the woods. At one point, the girls found a "fairy forest" and commenced collecting and playing, and Andrew and I sat on the moss- and leaf-covered ground and just enjoyed the quiet of the forest. So beautiful. The leaves there are just starting to change and fall. Marking the seasons this way--with a trip every month or so--really is just so lovely.

Of course, every trip we take to the house brings some new creature encounter. This time it was wasps. There are always dead wasps on the windowsills, and small half-built nests in the eaves, but this time wasps were everywhere, flying (slowly) through the house, gathering on curtains. Andrew got stung as he tried to clear wasps from Lucia's window.

We finished off the weekend with dinner at Pizza Chef, and then drove home. It was by sheer will that we managed to make the trip at all, but I'm so glad we did. It was good to have a few days of peace and restoration. The day after we got back, the crazy began: our renovation.

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