Saturday, October 11, 2014

No Complaints!

We eagerly saved and planned for this renovation, so there is no point at all in complaining about it. That said, I will, for the record, say this:

1. It is annoying to have to turn off all the lights in the basement whenever I microwave anything so I don't blow a fuse.

2. Having to journey from the basement to the attic--three flights of stairs--every time one of the girls needs to use the bathroom is tedious.

3. It is unpleasant to wash dishes in the laundry sink which is usually filled with dust and paint chips raining down as they work on the kitchen above.

4. It is dusty.

5. It is a sad fact that I actually enjoy eating and (semi-)cooking in our makeshift basement kitchen than I did in our "real," now-demolished kitchen.

That is all.

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