Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Letter to Lucia: 58 Months / 59 Months

Dear Lulu,

Your last letter as a four-year-old! Insanity. Five is right around the corner, and you're ready for it. I'm extremely late writing this letter, and delinquent with the last letter, but no matter. I'll keep it brief so I can do a proper one for your birthday next week.

The biggest milestone this month has been the start of school, your last year of preschool: Pre-K 5's. This is a big change. You go every day from 8:45am till 1:30pm (Fridays you come home at 11:45), and it's a lot more school-like than your previous two years. I really see the difference already. You're learning a lot, and you seem so much more kid-like and grown-up from the things you're doing. It's a new school for us, and you made the transition without a hiccup--no hesitation on the first day, and only excitement from that point on about going back each day. You don't share too many details about your activities--getting you to share what you did is like pulling teeth--but you're always happy to go, and happy when I pick you up, and I'm very pleased with both your and Greta's experiences at the school so far.

I think you were as excited as I was about the return of school. We had a great summer--we went so many places, had so many fun vacations and weekends away--but I think we all appreciate a good, structured day. You do miss the pool, though, and ask about it often; you seem sad when I tell you we can't go back until next summer. With winter looming, next summer may as well be in another universe entirely.

Favorite toys/activities: My Little Ponies, coloring, puzzles, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, watching My Little Pony, rainbows

Favorite books: Twelve Dancing Princesses, Hubknuckles (Daddy's been reading to you and Greta at night so I'm a little behind on what books are your favorite! We don't have as much reading time during the day now that you're in school...)

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