Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Frozen on Ice

We took the girls to see Frozen on Ice a few weeks ago. We weren't going to; it was expensive and selling out fast; but the more we thought about it, and heard about it, the more we decided we just had to take them. Though their love of all things Frozen had waned a bit over the past couple of months, it hadn't disappeared. And so we bought tickets. And Elsa dresses. And bundled everyone into the car for a 7pm show in Newark.

Lucia and Greta were beyond excited. They were so excited about their dresses, and going to a show at bedtime, and going to the huge arena, and seeing the ice rink. They were enthralled from the very first projection of a giant snowflake on the ice. And Disney knows its audience: before Frozen began, out came all the other princesses, ice skating and waving as they passed us. Lucia and Greta waved back eagerly, squealing as each princesses skated out onto the ice. And then--Frozen. They loved it. (Greta loved it until the last ten minutes, when her rapt attention clicked over to wanting to leave.) Lucia didn't take her eyes off Elsa the entire time.

Both girls were interested in all the merchandise for sale, but they didn't really ask for anything, content with their new Elsa dresses; and Andrew and I managed to keep our vow not to purchase any $28 dollar-store wands. (We were in the minority. $28!!)

The next day she told several people that we'd gone to the show, and said, awestruck, "The whole stage was ice."

The girls slept in their Elsa dresses that night, and kept them on the entire next day. And, since then, they've been afflicted once more with Frozen fever. It may not ever end.

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